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The Pixeltao Engine is a game engine built with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 that mimics various features of Game Maker. The purpose of this engine was to easily port Game Maker games to XBox 360.

Unfortunately, the days of XNA and XBox 360 are long gone. I’m sharing this game engine in hope that other passionate developers find it interesting enough to expand upon it, or that Game Maker developers who’d like to transition from GML to C# use it as a learning tool.

The Pixeltao Engine was initially created to port Ninja Senki from Game Maker to XBox 360. A partially complete version of Ninja Senki was even running on the console. This project was dropped when Game Maker started supporting multiple platforms. Instead, Ninja Senki DX was entirely ported to Vita and PS4 using Game Maker Studio.

Another project that was partially made with the Pixeltao Engine is Curses ‘N Chaos. This game actually came very close to completion using this engine. It was over 90% completed before it was entirely rewritten in C++ in order to be more easily ported to multiple platforms.

Even though no game was technically shipped with the Pixeltao Engine, working on the port of Ninja Senki and on Curses ‘N Chaos for several months allowed to test it thoroughly and make it reliable for developing any type of 2D game.


  • This game engine is free to use in personal or commercial projects!
  • Includes the source code of a partial port of Ninja Senki to XNA.


  • I will not provide any support. This is abandonware.
  • It does not include an IDE nor a level editor.
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Install instructions

To use the Pixeltao Engine you’ll need to download and install Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0.


Unfortunately Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone seems to have been taken down from Microsoft's website.

There are also versions of XNA 4.0 Refresh that allow to use Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 with more recent versions of Visual Studio but I haven’t tested them.



PixeltaoEngine.zip 130 MB


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